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... a quaint, historic village located in the northwest corner of Lancaster County...

Maytown is a small picturesque community located in East Donegal Township. The town and township are situated in the northwestern part of Lancaster County, PA. The town's close proximity to the Susquehanna River, and Old Peter's Great Road, had a very important role in the founding and early history of Maytown.

Today, Maytown offers visitors a unique opportunity to see a town that harkens back to another time. Its architecture ranges from early log structures (25 plus log homes still exist) to 19th century buildings that were built with brick produced here in Maytown.

Maytown Historical Society
Maytown 250th Celebration

Maytown, PA

maypole dance in center square


 Maytown Historic Square


Location & Directions

Maytown is centerally located between the cities of Lancaster, York and Harrisburg, in south central Pennsylvania.

Lancaster (east)
  1. From Lancaster follow 30 west toward York.
  2. Exit at Columbia route 441. As you exit, go right on 441 north.
  3. At the 4th traffic light on 441 north, turn right onto route 743 north.
  4. Go one mile to Maytown square.
York (west)
  1. From York follow 30 east toward Lancaster.
  2. After crossing Susquehanna River, exit at Columbia route 441.
  3. At stop sign, turn right. At next stop sign (one block), turn right onto route 441 north.
  4. At the 4th traffic light on 441 north, turn right onto route 743 north.
  5. Go one mile to Maytown square.
Harrisburg (north)
  1. From Harrisburg follow route 283 east.
  2. Exit route 283 at Hershey-Elizabethtown exit, turn right onto 743 south.
  3. Follow route 743 south through Elizabethtown.
  4. When leaving Elizabethtown, turn right onto 743 south at traffic light.
  5. Follow route 743 south to Maytown square.

Map of Maytown


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